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Guest Column:  Several years ago, a mentor told me, “In times of limited resources, put available resources where they are needed most.” Wise words, especially in these times of limited resources and extreme need. Community colleges are at the crossroads of need and limited resources, and so it is time to put rhetoric aside and invest resources where the resources are needed most – community college education and training.

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Today in North Carlina:  As the nation debates the federal government’s warrantless surveillance of phone records, Americans don’t seem sure what to think about the balance between their privacy and national security.

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Robert Bridges is Clayton’s interim police chief, but he is hardly a placeholder.

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Editor’s Desk:  Some random thoughts:

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Today in North Carolina:  Since they rolled out their tax-reform proposal, leaders in the state House have been diligent in promoting it as a tax cut for all, something that does not penalize the poor.

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The following is from the Johnston County Cooperative Extension Service.

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Eleven states have introduced so-called “ag-gag bills” in 2013, and all have failed because of strong public outcry – except in North Carolina.

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We expect to complete this transaction in the second half of 2013.

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Editor’s Desk:  This is the time of year when graying newspaper columnists offer sage advice to graduating high school seniors.

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It has always been thus: County Manager Rick Hester proposes a budget that gives the public schools less than what they want. It happens every year. The difference of late is how the schools have responded to the budget proposal.

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As a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the N.C. Chamber of Commerce is trying to sneak Senate Bill 648 past consumers. Disguised as offering business protections, SB 648 would actually effectively halt whistleblowing investigations by criminalizing whistleblowers. The state of North Carolina already has defamation and trespass laws in place that protect employers from false accusations. Had this legislation been enacted, the 1996 Food Lion investigation by ABC would have been illegal, and consumers might still be purchasing expired and repackaged meat and dairy items.

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Guest Column:  North Carolina businesses have struggled mightily against the 15,000+ regulations, amendments and rules that have been implemented in our state over the past decade. Our high unemployment rate and stagnant growth are proof that you cannot regulate an economy into riches.

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Today in North Carolina:  For the past several weeks, the exception being Memorial Day, crowds of protesters have descended upon the N.C. Legislative Building each Monday to lodge their opposition to the policies pursued by the legislature’s Republican majority.

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This is just a quick note to tell you about my experience with a business in Clayton.

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As onerous as it may seem, Clayton’s ETJ residents should be willing to abide by the town’s rules.

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Clayton’s council proves its willingness to be flexible with its change of heart on chain link fences.

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A review of 12,000 papers on climate change, in the May 15 issue of Environmental Research Letters, found that 97 percent of scientists attribute climate change to human activities. Although we’re unlikely to reverse climate change, we can mitigate its effects by reducing our driving, energy use and meat consumption.

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Tooling south on Interstate 95 in Harnett County recently, I came upon two troopers who had pulled an SUV with Florida plates and five more troopers involved in what appeared to be a speed trap. It set me to thinking about the most-recent outrage that the media and Congress are perpetrating on the public, the so-called IRS scandal.

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Today in North Carolina:  For a lot of years, Republican politicians have trumpeted the notion that public-private partnerships can better provide some services traditionally delivered by government.

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Here are some thoughts on the case of Cole Withrow, the Princeton High School senior who brought two unloaded shotguns to school:

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Editor’s Desk:  Because The News & Observer is our big sister paper, we have access to its stories, though readers might have noticed that we don’t reprint all that much N&O content.

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Johnston school board chairman Larry Strickland released the following statement after Princeton High School senior Cole Withrow pleaded guilty to possessing guns on school grounds and admitted to lying about it.

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Today in North Carolina:  State lawmakers might well have spent as much as 20 percent of this year’s legislative session diving into health care-related policy.

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The advice really is simple: It’s time for the Johnston County public schools and Johnston Community College to think outside of the box to reduce the size of future bond issues. (Given their support of past bond issues, Johnston taxpayers, obviously, don’t mind borrowing money to build schools, but they’re reaching the limits of how much they can borrow without significantly raising their taxes.)

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Editor’s Desk:  Technically, I am new to the Clayton News-Star. My tenure as the newspaper’s editor began just this past week.

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Today in North Carolina:  Woo hoo! I’m going to save $650 a year!

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You Decide:  But what exactly will be the size of these economic impacts? And how significant might be the environmental and other costs? Since there is a high level of interest in this issue in North Carolina, I collected relevant geological information and applied standard economic-analysis techniques to provide some answers. I present a summary here, with the full report available at http://www.ag-econ.ncsu.edu/faculty/walden/publications/drillingnc.pdf.

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Teachers willing to embrace unusual new teaching methods often find rewards at the end of the learning process.

Modified: 05/11/13 03:31:02 PM

Clayton council members seemed genuinely surprised by traffic woes reported by residents along Champion Street. They promised action. Residents deserve to see that promise fulfilled.

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Editor’s Desk:  Mr. Herman always had apples.

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