ECU students earn academic honors

June 23, 2014 

A number of students from Johnston County earned academic honors during the spring semester at East Carolina University. They were:

Alicia Adams of Benson, Honor Roll; Forrest Adams of Selma, Honor Roll; Mirella Alfaro-Marmol of Clayton, Dean’s List; Kayla Anderson of Kenly, Dean’s List; Cindy Avila-Garcia of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Anna Bailey of Kenly, Honor Roll; Kayla Baker of Pine Level, Dean’s List; Sara Barbee of Four Oaks, Dean’s List; Jamie Barbour of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Taylor Barbour of Benson, Chancellor’s List; Brandon Barefoot of Benson, Honor Roll.

Samuel Barefoot of Four Oaks, Honor Roll; Savanna Barefoot of Benson, Dean’s List; Jessica Barnes of Kenly, Dean’s List; Sagar Barot of Kenly, Honor Roll; Katherine Barth of Clayton, Dean’s List; Lawson Batten of Selma, Honor Roll; Morgan Bell of Princeton, Honor Roll; Kasey Best of Clayton, Dean’s List; Ashlyn Biggers of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jordan Biggers of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kaylee Bradford of Four Oaks, Chancellor’s List; Ashley Brown of Clayton, Honor Roll.

Elijah Brown of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Shannon Brown of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jena Bruno of Clayton, Dean’s List; Victoria Burdo of Clayton, Dean’s List; JoColl Burgess of Clayton, Dean’s List; Robert Byrd of Kenly, Honor Roll; Adam Caldwell of Benson, Dean’s List; Heather Capps of Four Oaks, Dean’s List; Rosa Carrillo of Kenly, Honor Roll; Skyler Cauley of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Ernest Chapin of Clayton, Dean’s List; Rebecca Cook of Smithfield, Honor Roll.

Sarah Cook of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Anthony Corbett of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kiara Creech of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Natalie Crocker of Kenly, Honor Roll; Matthew Crutcher of Clayton, Dean’s List; Garret Cutler of Clayton, Honor Roll; Jasmine Dawson of Clayton, Dean’s List; Kathryn DeBlaker of Clayton, Dean’s List; Edward Dembowski of Clayton, Honor Roll; Paul Dorman of Selma, Chancellor’s List; Christina Driver of Clayton, Dean’s List.

Jacob Eckard of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jawanza Edwards of Clayton, Dean’s List; Lauren Edwards of Clayton, Dean’s List; Cameron Elliott of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jenna Eno of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Sarah Eonta of Princeton, Dean’s List; Emily Evans of Princeton, Dean’s List; Kaitlyn Fair of Benson, Honor Roll; Brooklyn Farish of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Kelsie Felix of Clayton, Honor Roll; Courtney Foster of Selma, Honor Roll; Jennifer Fulghum of Kenly, Honor Roll.

Brenna Gilmore of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Aaron Godwin of Benson, Dean’s List; Amanda Godwin of Benson, Dean’s List; Jazmin Gonzalez of Clayton, Honor Roll; Samantha Gonzalez of Smithfield, Chancellor’s List; Rachel Grady of Four Oaks, Honor Roll; Kristen Graham of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kylie Green of Clayton, Honor Roll; Danielle Grover of Clayton, Honor Roll; Denise Grover of Clayton, Honor Roll; Scott Hadding of Clayton, Chancellor’s List.

Rebecca Harlan of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Emily Harrison of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kayla Hart of Clayton, Honor Roll; Reandy Hearn of Princeton, Dean’s List; Emma Hill of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Taylor Hinnant of Kenly, Dean’s List; Taylor Hockaday of Four Oaks, Dean’s List; Jesse Holmes of Four Oaks, Honor Roll; Hayley Hopkins of Princeton, Honor Roll; Mackinsay Howe of Smithfield, Chancellor’s List; Emily Huff of Benson, Dean’s List.

Sarah Huff of Benson, Honor Roll; Megan Hughes of Kenly, Honor Roll; Octavia Humphrey of Clayton, Honor Roll; Samantha Hunnicutt of Benson, Dean’s List; Kelsie Jayne of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jessica Jewell of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Henry Johnson of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Marilee Johnson of Four Oaks, Dean’s List; Rebecca Johnson of Four Oaks, Dean’s List; Sean Johnson of Clayton, Honor Roll; Stephanie Johnson of Kenly, Dean’s List.

Victoria Johnson of Benson, Honor Roll; Jennifer Jones of Clayton, Dean’s List; Logan Jones of Clayton, Dean’s List; Madison Kennemur of Clayton, Honor Roll; Skyler Kennemur of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kameron Kimble of Selma, Dean’s List; Sophronia Knott of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Eleni Kondyles of Clayton, Dean’s List; Angela Krider of Clayton, Dean’s List; Christopher Lambert of Benson, Dean’s List; Brittney Lamore of Clayton, Dean’s List.

Temperance Lampe of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Brittany Lane of Kenly, Honor Roll; Ramla Lanewala of Selma, Honor Roll; Erika Langston of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Kaitlin Lebo of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kristina Lee of Kenly, Honor Roll; Jeffrey Littleton of Selma, Honor Roll; Joanna Luna of Benson, Chancellor’s List; Sarah Mann of Clayton, Honor Roll; Alexis Mascaro of Clayton, Honor Roll; Parrah McDonald of Clayton, Honor Roll.

Keyonna McDougald of Princeton, Honor Roll; Sojourner McKnight of Clayton, Dean’s List; Bradley McNamara of Clayton, Honor Roll; Amanda McCutchin of Clayton, Honor Roll; Chad Merewether of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Hannah Miller of Clayton, Dean’s List; Mattia Mitchell of Clayton, Honor Roll; Olivia Mitchem of Clayton, Honor Roll; Dana Morgan of Clayton, Dean’s List; Gregory Morris of Clayton, Honor Roll; Polly Mudd of Smithfield, Honor Roll.

Matthew Muirhead of Clayton, Honor Roll; Erin Mullins of Clayton, Honor Roll; Kathryn Mullins of Clayton, Dean’s List; Mallory Mullins of Clayton, Honor Roll; David Murphy of Benson, Honor Roll; Brandon Murray of Kenly, Chancellor’s List; William Myers of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Amber Narron of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Casey Narron of Kenly, Honor Roll; Kimberly Nester of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Elysia Netter of Clayton, Dean’s List.

Brittney Olsen of Benson, Dean’s List; Denadre’ Parker of Clayton, Honor Roll; Marina Parker of Clayton, Dean’s List; Meagan Paul of Clayton, Dean’s List; Peter Peedin of Princeton, Chancellor’s List; DeQwon Pendergrass of Clayton, Honor Roll; Cody Pittman of Kenly, Honor Roll; Skylar Poole of Clayton, Dean’s List; Tabitha Price of Selma, Honor Roll; Kaitlyn Puglisi of Clayton Dean’s List; Kayla Raiford of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Marica Rawls of Clayton, Honor Roll.

Alice Richardson of Kenly, Honor Roll; Amanda Rochelle of Benson, Dean’s List; Kaitlyn Ross of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Anna Russo of Clayton, Honor Roll; Alexis Sanders of Smithfield, Dean’s List; Destiny Sanders of Clayton, Dean’s List; Olivia Schiller of Clayton, Honor Roll; Lisa Scott of Princeton, Chancellor’s List; Kimberly Smith of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Rebecca Smith of Clayton, Honor Roll; Domonique Solomon of Selma, Honor Roll.

Katherine Stephens of Clayton, Dean’s List; Floyd Strader of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Kimberley Strickland of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Brittany Talton of Smithfield, Honor Roll; Dustin Tart of Clayton, Dean’s List; Tia Taylor of Clayton, Honor Roll; Nicholas Tedder of Selma, Honor Roll; Summer Telfer of Clayton, Honor Roll; William Terry of Clayton, Dean’s List; Rebecca Tevere of Clayton, Dean’s List; Jared Thomas of Clayton, Honor Roll.

Emilie Thorne of Clayton, Dean’s List; Kasey Vann of Clayton, Dean’s List; Tina Venturella of Clayton, Chancellor’s List; Ashlee Wheeler of Benson, Dean’s List; Jason Williams of Clayton, Dean’s List; Olivia Williamson of Smithfield, Chancellor’s List; Angela Woody of Clayton, Honor Roll; Timothy Yang of Clayton, Honor Roll; and Jonathan Yelverton, Dean’s List.

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