Cooper circles the globe

From News ReleaseJune 1, 2014 

Cooper Elementary School kindergartner Kenneth Kepley tries on garments from Mexico during the school’s International Day.


Students at Cooper Elementary traveled around the world during the school’s International Day on April 28.

The day began with a play presented by students in the kindergarten and first grade Splash program, a dual-language immersion program. Students performed the play in English and Spanish, and afterward, each class took a virtual trip around the globe by visiting booths operated by representatives of various nations.

Students were able to sample foods, watch short videos to learn more about the countries and speak with natives of many of the countries represented. Most of these natives were parents who donated their time to share a bit of their culture with the students. Many students also tried on clothing from several of the countries.

The students were able to learn about countries such as Russia, Panama and Honduras. They also learned about the similarities and differences between living in the United States and other nations. Entwined with fun, Cooper students gained a greater appreciation for the diversity of the world and the immigrants to this country, the school said.

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