Johnston schools host educators from Singapore

From News ReleaseMay 23, 2014 

At South Smithfield Elementary, preschool teacher Doyle Woodall, center, meets with, from left, Singapore group members Choy Mian Yee, an occupational therapist; Mythra Mahesh, speech therapist; and Winnie Goh, pediatric neurologist. At right is Christina Kasprazak of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.


The Johnston County school system’s preschool program played host recently to a delegation from Singapore.

The group was a mix of practitioners and administrators from a hospital for women and children.

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill asked Johnston County schools to show the Singapore team how Johnston provides preschool services and how those services tie in with federal outcomes.

The delegation met with Dr. Rodney Peterson, the school system’s chief academic office, who talked about how the preschool program makes a difference in the lives of children.

The group learned about Johnston’s assessment process from preschool evaluation team members Kelly Pleasant, Dr. Caroline Lang, Allison Pascuzzi, Fallon Peterson, Yudelka Branagan, Sara Jones, Kris Kling, Lisa Rice, Jennifer Templeton, Carol Parker, Sherri Creech, Courtney Bunn, Katie Johnson, Catherine Fouts, Ann Martin, Marie Simmons and Mindy Faircloth.

The group also made its way to several elementary schools, including South Smithfield, Four Oaks, Powhatan and Polenta.

While at South Smithfield, the Singapore team observed the preschool classrooms of Doyle Woodall, Stephanie Rachels and Vicki Newsome, seeing children in their different settings, including playgroups.

At Four Oaks Elementary, Principal David Pearce provided tours of Allison Tucker and Michelle Vega’s preschool classrooms and provided time for the Singapore team to ask questions.

Principal Sharon Johnson of Powhatan Elementary talked about how children transition out of the Infant/Toddler Program and into school services even if they have significant medical needs. The team observed children in Carrie Ragland’s preschool classroom.

At Polenta Elementary, the delegation spent time in Cindy Moran’s preschool classroom.

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