Letter: Demolition faces court challenge

May 2, 2014 

Town isn’t dallying on Red & White

The Red & White, while a nostalgic treasure to many, is in violation of town codes and must come down.

Work was completed to shore up the exterior of the building and ensure safety to the public walking by. Pressure was increased and deadlines were set for other improvements to be made to the interior of the building.

Many held out hope that the owners would be able to preserve this piece of history in downtown and give it new life, but that hope was erased when the town council voted Feb. 3 to move ahead with demolition. They acted out of responsibility to public safety and their duty to uphold our ordinances.

The demolition order was filed with the Johnston County courts on Feb. 18. All parties were then notified. By law, the owners have 30 days to appeal. We’ve been notified that they have, indeed, filed that appeal, which is their right.

Please understand the building cannot be legally demolished for simply being an “eye-sore,” so if the owners are able to step in and abate any safety hazards, the town will lose authority to tear it down.

While that legal process moves its way through court, the Town of Clayton has not delayed in moving ahead. We have collected bids from demolition contractors and are in the process of reviewing those bids right now. A date will be set for the work, and the Red & White will come down unless the Town of Clayton receives a temporary restraining order from the courts.

We understand citizen frustration with the perceived slow pace of this project, but rest assured the legal legwork is now in place, and the wrecking ball will likely be swinging before summer.

Stacy Beard

Public information officer, Town of Clayton

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