Reader writes: Why is Red and White still standing?

April 25, 2014 

A falling building is still standing

I rode past the former Red and White the other day and noticed that the corner of the building was pulling apart. When I mentioned this to my husband, he said it was probably because the sagging roof was pushing the wall out. In January of this year, the owner’s representative told the Town Council that trusses would be put in place. That suggests the roof is failing.

Months later and no roof is in place, but a wall is showing signs of splitting apart and falling into a very busy street.

I now ask our Town Council: Which of you will take responsibility for the damage that the building will cause when it does cave in? Who will pay to clean up the street or repair damage to private residences? Who will take responsibility if local citizens are harmed or worse when it collapses?

I should hope the owner would have to pay, but so far the council has not held her to the same standard or time frame other businesses and citizens would have to adhere to.

Our Town Council has not used this situation to make Clayton a “premier community.” I hope citizens remember this missed opportunity at election time.

Judy Dorrin


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