D’s Patty Cake Bakery moves to bigger location

sgilman@newsobserver.comMarch 10, 2014 

If you’re looking for your sugary vice, the moist cupcakes of D’s Patty Cake Bakery, in their usual place, you will be terribly disappointed.

But never fear, the bakery hasn’t gone out of business. It has simply moved.

After a year in business at 421 E Main St., owner Denetra Jackson has moved her bakery to a bigger, brighter space to 112 S. Ellington St.

“It’s newer, fresher, will allow for more growth, better parking,” Jackson said on opening day, which was last Wednesday.

“The floor is not squeaky,” added Jackson’s mother, Doris Witherspoon, who drove an hour and a half to see her daughter’s opening.

“I love it,” Witherspoon said. “I cried over it. She did good.”

With a soft yellow exterior and a red neon “Bakery” sign in one window, the new space is inviting. Jackson painted the interior walls a Tiffany blue and set off the trim in white. She has a bathroom, a room for parties, an office and a dining room in the front.

The first dine-in customer of the day was Clayton resident Patrice Stanback, a friend of Jackson’s. She selected a red velvet cupcake.

“My cupcake is delicious; it’s absolutely delicious,” Stanback said, fork poised mid-air.

“I’m here to support my friend and get one of her delicious, fresh cupcakes,” she added.

Jackson, who has been baking since her girlhood, prides herself on freshness. She makes sure her customers always have cakes baked no fewer than 24 hours beforehand.

“I still get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and bake, because I do not believe in freezing,” she said. “I do not believe in baking overnight.”

Her cupcakes attract local customers such as Jason Stokes, owner of Stokes Family Chiropractic on Main Street. Stokes bought two cupcakes from Jackson on opening day, one “Chocolate Chocolate Overload” for himself and one “Tar Heel” for his wife, Suzanne.

“It’s mixed good and bad,” Stokes said of the bakery. “It’s good because I can come over and get a snack. It’s bad because I can come over and get a snack.”

Cupcakes cost $2.25 each, except for the red velvet. It’s $2.50 because it has a cream cheese frosting. Other treats available at D’s Patty Cake Bakery are cookie sandwiches, cake pops, coffee, iced tea, soda and water.

For more information, call Jackson at 919-333-9355.

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