Cooper students hunt Gingerbread Man

From News ReleaseFebruary 28, 2014 

Standing with the captured cookie are, from left, Natalia Squiciarino, teacher Evelyn Clarke and Mason Rosenbaum


Evelyn Clarke’s kindergartners at Cooper Elementary School took part recently in a nationwide Gingerbread Man hunt after their cookie creation escaped from the school’s cafeteria.

The students had been reading multiple versions of the classic tale and concluded their study by making a Gingerbread Man of their own. However, after mixing all of the ingredients, shaping him and baking him, the cookie went missing from the cafeteria’s oven.

To help locate the cookie, the class wrote an email and sent it to all of their families, telling them their cookie had escaped. The children asked their families to keep an eye open for the Gingerbread Man wherever they were and to email Mrs. Clarke if they saw him.

As reports came in, the class posted the emailed sightings on its world map, hoping to track the Gingerbread Man down. According to reports from several parents, he was seen in many local stores and as far away as the Empire State Building, Cape Hatteras and on the Ferris Wheel at Chicago’s Navy Pier. But no family members were able to take photos or capture him because he was too fast.

After a week-long search, the students received a report that the Gingerbread Man had been seen slipping into one of the food trucks that was heading to Cooper Elementary’s cafeteria. Cafeteria employee Kim Williams finally captured him, and once captured, the students tasted the sweet reward of victory.

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