Look back at Valentine’s Days from years past

sgilman@newsobserver.comFebruary 14, 2014 

Feb. 14 honors St. Valentine, a Roman saint associated with courtly love. To this day, lovers, friends and schoolchildren exchange glittery hearts, chocolate and “Be Mine” cards. For Valentine’s Day 2014, the Clayton News-Star looked back 50 (and even 85) years to see how residents celebrated the holiday then.

For your enjoyment, we have the original spellings and punctuation in tact.

See if you recognize any names.

“Valentine Dance” from Feb. 13, 1964: Pam Lipscomb and Donna Hardee entertained at a Valentine dance Saturday evening at Pam’s home. Dancing and contests were enjoyed by the children. Refreshments of iced drinks, potato chips, cookies and Valentine candy were served the following children: Andy Pleasant, Mary Talton, Emett Barbour, Clair Williams, John Champton, Donald Eason, Joey Barnes, Jane Lancaster, Donna Pleasant, Donna Stallings, Mike McCormac, Alice Johnson, Sue Barnes, Herman Mitchiner, Margaret Bilnson, Mary Beth Pender, Claudia Lipscomb and Dorothy Jones.

“Junior Women Entertain Guests And Husbands,” Feb. 19, 1964: On Friday evening, February 14, the Junior Woman’s Club held its annual Valentine party for husbands and other guests who were former presidents of the club, Mrs. Ray Hardee and Mrs. Charles Peddingfield and their husbands and Mrs. E. . McCullers, club advisor and Mr. McCullers.

Dancing to recorded music was enjoyed during the evening.

The Valentine motif was used throughout the Youth Center. Soft greenery complimented the decorations.

The refreshment table was covered with a Madeira cloth and centered with arrangements of red carnations and eucalyptus on tiered crystal compotes topped with a Cupid. They were flanked by silver candie sticks holding red glitter cups. Refreshments consisted of Valentine cake squares, punch, potato chips and dip, and ham biscuits.

The mantel was centered with a red satin open heart with red carnations and huckleberry at the base. Cherubs holding red tapers were at each end.

Back of the table, from which coffee was served, there was a cupid holding a red heart pierced by a gold arrow. Red roses on white satin at its base graced the arrangement.

“Children Given Valentine Party,” Feb. 19, 1964: Mrs. James Norris and Mrs. James Griffin entertained the children in Mrs. Lipscomb’s kindergarten Friday morning with a combined Valentine and birthday party, honoring Mrs. Griffin’s daughter, Sharon Ann, on her sixth birthday.

The kindergarten room was decorated with large red hearts. The focal point, decorated in red and white, was a large Valentine box that the children had made. Refreshments of cupcakes, Coco-colas, potato chips, and Valentine candy were served the children, after which their valentines were distributed from the Valentine box.

The following children enjoyed the party: Shelly Boyette, Renee Couley, Susan Barbour, Beth Ellerbe, Debie Norris, Sharon Ann Griffin, Terri Gordon, Mike Bagley, Ray Williams, Butch Bailey, Robbie Worrells, Buddy Sasser, John Barbour, David Cobb, Charles Strickland, Brenton Johnson, Sonny Powell, Thomas Lipscomb, Lucinda Steen, Leslie and Margaret MacLaurie, Sara Poole, Janet Atberton, Ray Watrick and the honoree’s little sister, Barbara Sue Griffin.

And one from 1929

“Valentine Party,” Feb. 14, 1929: Annie Leith Penn* entertained a number of her friends at a beautiful Valentine party on Monday evening, February 13th. As the guests arrived they were asked to don red Valentine hats furnished by the hostess. The boys looked handsome in their plain pointed brims, while the girls were beautiful in their dressy heart-shaped bonnets.

Partners were found by matching the correct number of tiny white peas enclosed in red bunny and fish-shaped balloons, which had served as decorations prior to the “matching time.” The final scoring in the three contests proved Betty Lambert, Edgar Beddingfield, Jr., and Colon Hamilton the winners, and each was presented a prize.

During the evening the hostess, assisted by her mother, Joyce Talton, Carolyn Creech and Lilburn Barnes, served ice cream decorated in red hearts, heart shaped cakes and salted nuts.

*Penn died March 16, 2013, in Rohnert Park, Calif., at age 89, and is buried in the family plot in Clayton.

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