Customers face tax hike

From Staff ReportsJanuary 27, 2014 

Starting July 1, Clayton power customers will begin paying more than double the current sales tax on electricity.

Under legislation passed last July by the N.C. General Assembly, the current sales tax of 3 percent will jump to 7 percent, just in time for summer. Clayton power customers will see the increase in their monthly bill.

“This affects everyone, not just the people of Clayton,” said Ann Game, director of customer service for the Town of Clayton.

In Clayton, the average electricity bill in December was $148; the 3 percent tax brought the total to $152.44. In July, that same bill would be $158.33, an increase of $5.92 a month, or $71.04 a year.

Game emphasized that the coming increase was not something the Town of Clayton enacted. “This tax is mandated by the state,” she said. “We collect it and remit it directly to the state. We don’t keep any of it.”

At last week’s Town Council meeting, Councilman Michael Grannis expressed disappointment in the tax increase. “It’s unfortunate that we are told oftentimes that there will be no tax increases and yet they happen to uniquely sneak in,” he said.

Game said she is available to help customers learn ways to save electricity. And she said residents are welcome to “just walk in the door” of town hall to learn more.

In addition, residents can email or call 919-553-5002.

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