Crime Notes

January 3, 2014 

The Wilson’s Mills Police Department in December made the following arrests on the charges listed:

•  Richard Harley, 30, of 40 Brantley Circle, Smithfield, failure to appear in court on a charge of assaulting a female.

•  Kevin Joachin, 23, of 581 Lockwood Drive, Clayton, possessing marijuana, possessing paraphernalia and possessing an open container of alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle.

•  Christopher McMullen, 25, of 135 Antler Drive, Wilson’s Mills, failure to appear in court.

•  Maria Walker, 58, of 47 Apple Court, Clayton, failure to appear in court.

•  Donya Tant, 35, of 144 Uzzle Industrial Drive, Clayton, simple assault.

Also in December, Wilson’s Mills police issued the following citations: Estbean Martinez-Hernandez, driving without a license and displaying fictitious registration; Luis Guvara-Zungia, driving without a license; Willimina Campbell, failure to register a motor vehicle; Sallieu Dundu, driving without registration; Akeem Greene, driving without registration and driving without inspection; Kevin McKitchen, driving without registration and driving without inspection; Jerome Grant, failure to register a motor vehicle and driving while his registration was revoked; Tabatha Stancil, speeding; Juan Hernandez, driving while his license was revoked; Kathryn Crabtree, driving without a license; Tonya Greene, speeding; Harry Braglin, speeding; Lauren Roelfs, driving without a license; and Jana Shaffer, speeding.

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