Reader writes: Emergency personnel deserve our thanks

December 21, 2013 

Crash victim says thanks

First and foremost, I cannot express enough thanks to the Kenly Fire Department and Johnston County EMS for their acts of heroism and the risks they take every day to save lives. I believe that a person must always thank those who have impacted their life.

On the morning of Dec. 8, this group of people had a direct impact on my life and the lives of my three children. We had been involved in a high-impact motor vehicle accident. I am uncertain who, but someone dialed Johnston County 911 for assistance. Thankfully, someone else was traveling N.C. 222 East that morning. She was total stranger to me, but yet she stopped to offer assistance. She was responsible for taking care of my three children until help arrived.

The firefighters and paramedics were topnotch in responding. Little did they know what they would be faced with upon arrival. They would be attending to one of their emergency medical services family members and children.

In the middle of what can be a hectic and chaotic event, even for experienced medical providers, everyone was calm and collected and did what needed to be done. The members of Kenly Fire Department and Johnston County EMS never missed a beat. They were not only angels in the rescue, they were angels watching over myself and my kids to keep us safe.

I am forever grateful for the compassion they showed toward my children, who were quite traumatized by the whole thing. We can never thank everyone enough for all that was done. We are so grateful that what needed to be done immediately was done.

Sue Gray


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