Reader writes: Clayton needs to explain itself

November 29, 2013 

Red & White can fall but a carport can’t go up

In 1985, my family moved to Clayton. Our house was a fixer-upper, but over the years we have worked hard to make improvements and repairs. When we moved to Clayton, we didn’t mind when our kids walked up the street to the Red & White store.

The small grocery store closed, and the building has sat empty ever since. Throughout the years we’d hear rumors of new businesses being opened in the vacant store, but nothing would ever come of these rumors. The windows were covered in plywood, the awning began to rot, and the roof sagged. When new buyers were finally found, we’d hear that the Town Council was demanding that it be fixed. Over and over we’d hear that the council was demanding repairs. And then nothing.

At the same time, my husband and I wanted to build a nice carport. The same town that allows a building to sit empty for years and rot before our very eyes deems a carport to be unacceptable because we have a shed.

Please explain to me how the eyesore of the old Red & White building can sit there while taxpaying citizens cannot make simple improvements to their homes?

Judy Dorrin


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