Reader writes: Johnston doesn’t need more schools

October 25, 2013 

She’s voting ‘No’ on Nov. 5

We have enough schools. What we don’t have is creative thinkers on our school board.

Wake and many other counties have found the most efficient uses for their schools because they don’t want to borrow more money. The schools in our county are sufficient if used properly. I remember the Jim Causby days, when we had a creative board whose members sought alternative solutions to problems and not always just another bond to build more schools.

Year-round schools are an option our board members have refused to consider. When I ran for a school board seat six years ago, that was part of my platform. Maybe the concept then was too new for our population. But now is the time for our school board to look at alternative uses for our schools.

All the schools sit empty for months using air conditioning and other resources when there are only two or more people in the buildings. This is not acceptable.

I will vote “No” on Nov. 5 to the school bond proposal, and if enough of us do this, maybe school board members will go to work and find a cheaper solution that is right before their eyes.

Carol A. Brannock

Willow Spring

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