PCX Corporation generates solar energy

CorrespondentDecember 29, 2012 

PCX Corporation, located at 33 Pony Farm Road, now shares their rooftop with of one of the areaÕs largest industrial solar arrays.


— A local business is taking a space-saving approach to generating solar energy.

PCX Corporation, located at 33 Pony Farm Road, now shares their rooftop with of one of the area’s largest industrial solar arrays. Over 2,000 solar panels were recently installed on the roof of the 70,000-square-foot building to form a 500-kilowat rooftop system.

The project started last summer when the building’s owner, The Walthom Group, took a call from ESA Renewables, LLC, looking for space to house their latest project. The available room at PCX was a good fit, according to its General Manager and Vice President Gary Pollock.

“A roof space is free space because it is not going to impose a problem as compared to tying up land that’s on the ground,” he said. “It’s a good use of space.”

Pollock said installation took about a month and was an uncomplicated process that caused no disruption or cost to his business. It was a good match for PCX, which manufactures pre-fabricated electrical systems for commercial and institutional construction projects and renewable energy programs.

“It’s nice to be able to have a system at our facility to demonstrate our competence,” said Pollock.

He estimated the array will generate the equivalent amount of energy consumed by 250-300 homes. Its output is being sold to Progress Energy and will also supply over four hours of power to PCX each day, weather permitting.

“We’ve accepted and utilized renewable energy as a source of energy,” explained Pollock. “We’re being responsible citizens and not consuming much power off the grid.”

The array began generating power Dec. 14.

ESA Renewables will own and operate the farm. The company, located in Lake Mary, FL, owns and operates over 500 solar power generating facilities across the U.S., Spain and Italy, according to its website.

“I honestly believe you are going to see quite a few more solar rooftop structures such as this in the area,” said Pollock. “It’s a great use of available space.”

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