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    Good news, bad news in same stories

    The good news is that a lot of people in the Smithfield and Selma communities want to improve academic performance at their high school, where test scores have long been among the county’s worst. The bad news is that they seem intent on doing so by busing black and Hispanic students elsewhere...


    Election workers put on notice

    Employees and appointed members of North Carolina’s 100 county boards of elections should be mindful when they log onto Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media sites.


    Budget changes much

    By now, you’ve probably heard that the $21 billion state budget for 2014-15 gives teachers raises and doesn’t cut thousands of people off of Medicaid, as once proposed. But the budget, signed earliert this month by Gov. Pat McCrory, includes hundreds of pages of state law changes, ...


    Your Lettters: In Johnston County, exceptional customer service

    We had planned our annual family trip to South America for a while, and a week before the flight, we realized our son’s passport had expired two months prior. This led to a lot of frantic calling and searching online for a solution to expediting a passport before our trip.


    Help kids cope with disaster

    Our first named hurricane reminds me that natural disasters can seriously disrupt a child’s sense of order and security. Even if a child’s home escapes damage, and family members are uninjured, a storm might be the first sign the world is not always a safe and orderly place, despite...


    Here’s proof teachers are getting raises

    For proof that North Carolina teachers are actually getting pay raises, look at what school boards across the state are doing: They’re digging for dollars to match the pay raises that some General Assembly critics claim aren’t raises at all.


    Why levy a $5 fee for recycling?

    Because they are loath to raise property taxes, ever, county and town governments are fond of fees and usage rates. And that’s not always bad a thing, because in many cases, fees and usage rates make sense. In Johnston County and its towns, water rates come quickly to mind, as do building...


    Older voters matter

    When older people talk, politicians and election candidates usually listen – if they’re smart anyway. That’s because older people vote, which is why a new poll released last week by AARP North Carolina should grab the attention of U.S. Senate candidates Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis...


    Raises part of pay reform

    Critics of the Republican-led General Assembly allege that the teacher-pay raise included in this year’s state budget could have been implemented in a much simpler fashion: by giving across-the-board hikes to all rather than giving large raises to early-career teachers and relatively small...


    My first letter to my kid at college

    After dropping our daughter off at college last weekend, I told her I would email her soon. Here’s what I wrote:

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