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    N.C. job market recovers

    North Carolina celebrated a milestone with the release of October’s labor-market numbers. The total number of jobs at businesses in the state, also known as payroll jobs, finally surpassed the total prior to the recession. In October, North Carolina had 4,183,900 payroll jobs, exceeding the...


    Compassion needs action

    Here’s my latest letter to my daughter:


    2016 could be close too

    An early poll suggests that North Carolina will be a battleground state in the 2016 presidential race, especially if former First Lady Hillary Clinton ends up as the Democratic nominee.


    Observations on business, government

    I spent this past Monday in Stokes County, where my older brother and I began the process of settling our late father’s estate. Here’s what I learned.


    Your Letters: Thanks for believing

    I want to thank all of my supporters and voters in my N.C. Senate campaign. While we were not successful, I have made new friends and reestablished old relationships. I want to continue to build on these relationships, and I believe in the future of Duplin, Johnston, and Sampson counties.


    JCC celebrates accomplishments

    As 2014 draws to a close, I am proud to reflect on the many accomplishments Johnston Community College has experienced over the past year.


    A day at the museum

    Did you know that hundreds of silent films were shot against the backdrop of the North Carolina mountains in the early 20th century? Or that most cities and towns once had African-American movie theaters that showed second-run films and typically were smaller and less ornate than whites-only theaters...


    Another misadventure ends well

    Call this “Misadventures in Motoring, Part 2.”


    Laws have unintended consequences

    New laws often have unintended consequences.


    Will state continue to urbanize?

    North Carolina used to be a small-town and rural state. In fact, we were traditionally one of the most rural states in the country. There were a couple of reasons for this. It wasn’t that long ago that a significant share of people worked on farms. Of course most farms, because of their need...

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